2014 Season Revealed

The 2014 inaugural season of All Terrain Hero Race.Run.Walk includes the following locations and dates:

  • Tucson, Arizona   Sunday, April 6, 2014  MC Motorsports Park
  • Moab, Utah             Easter Sunday, April 21, 2014  Area BFE
  • Birmingham, Alabama  Sunday, May 18, 2014  Gray Rock ORV Park
  • Fredericksburg, Texas  Sunday, June 1, 2014  Canyons Offroad Park
  • Sturgis, Kentucky  Sunday, June 8, 2014 Baird Motorsports Arena
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado  Sunday, June 16, 2014  RAM Offroad Park
  • Cortez, Colorado  Sunday, August 17, 2014  Battlerock Offroad Park
  • Bridgeport, Texas  Sunday, September 28, 2014  Northwest OHV Park

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