First event is this Sunday!

So, I’m in that scared, nervous state.  Everything we’ve worked towards is about to come to fruition, whether I’m ready or not.  I’ve got all the mechanics down, everything that needed to be ordered is here and ready…or will be – the banner, the flags, the t-shirts, the race bibs and pins.  Logistics I’ve got mastered, we do that every day.  We are travelling from an event done last weekend in Georgia to Tucson, as I write this.  I’ve seen the basic course and know the distance to be at least a 5k.  There are two loops I can add in easily, I just need to look at them again and make the final decision.  I haven’t looked at the weather, don’t really want to know.  I can’t fix it anyway.  I anticipate a few sleepless nights this week, not for fear of failure…for failure only happens if you quit, but for fear of the unknown.  I know exactly what we are doing, I’m just nervous about the people…will we have one or a hundred?  I’m hoping it blows me out of the water, and I am prepared for that, what we are doing is a good thing.  Supporting the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is one of those things I believe in with all my core.  I look forward to the “season” officially starting, can’t wait to meet new people.  But whether there is one or one hundred, we promise to give you our best, for you must give and appreciate to grow and reciprocate!  Be a Hero, join us this Sunday in Tucson!