2015 Season Released

quotescover-JPG-50All Terrain Hero is back for 2015!

Five locations – five dates – five days to have some fun.

We will be returning to our five favorite trails this year, please join us for some fun.  Between now and February 15th, you can take $5 off your registration – enter Discount code ATH15 at checkout.

Dates for 2015 are:

March 15 – Fredericksburg, Texas

April 5 – Moab, Utah

May 17 – Tucson, Arizona

August 23 – Cortez, Colorado

September 27 – Bridgeport, Texas

It’s going to be a great year, and remember, ALL proceeds benefit The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

4 thoughts on “2015 Season Released

  1. Will there be any changes to how you’ve structured the races for this season: course options, awards, etc? Thanks

    Stephen Simecek


    • Stephen –
      The short answer is yes…with an emphasis on MORE & BETTER – last year was the first year, we took feedback wherever we could get it.

      This year look for More course markings, Better mileage estimates, More treats at the event, Better afterparty.

      We want everyone to feel welcome and important, because you are. We will add film as well as more still photos for the participants.

      Looking forward to a new year after learning soooo much last year. Thanks.

    • Jessica – I’m not sure which event you would like to know more about; please look at the individual pages, we try to put info on them to give you better ideas of what is happening. You can always register the morning of the event, we just ask that you please be on time for the start. Thanks, let me know if I can answer specific questions for you.

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