ATH Explained

There are a number of us who like to exercise, but perhaps we don’t love it, so sometimes we need some motivation.  I am one of those. My partner and I run off-road events all over the country, I discovered that I love to spend time outdoors and the easiest way to do that is to hike our race courses. These aren’t oval tracks, these courses include elevation changes, rocks, mud, valleys, ridges.  It’s like being in a park, only they are all private property.  Where else can you find an exclusive place to hike to your heart’s content and not be bothered by the real world.

My love of these facilities is what brought me to All Terrain Hero, a place to share these great parks with those who may never have noticed them before.  Whether you are a trail runner, or a hiker, or a walker like me, I’ve got some great terrain for you to check out. Each course is different, they are four to six miles in length, typically. They are challenging but not killers. They are fun and easy to follow and we will make your event memorable.

I learned long ago that my biggest goal in life was to create memories. That’s what ATH is about, we are creating memories for all of us who participate, the kids and families that we help through our charity partner, The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, and those who’s lives we touch when we leave here.  Come out and play with us, help a great charity and enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

All Terrain Hero is about you, the hero in all of us.  Race.Run.Walk with us at an event near you.  For questions, or more information, please email