2016 Challenge

We’ve re-vamped our All Terrain Hero for 2016; instead of several events, we are going to have one.  One very special event on October 8th.  This event will be live and virtual, it will be held on the Saturday closest to Gwendolyn’s birthday, and it will be part of the Trail Hero event.  This is going to be huge!

Little Gwendolyn, namesake of The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (thegsf) of which we raise money, passed away last year at the age of 7, it’s been a year, it is time to recognize that the fight continues.  SMA hasn’t stopped taking children and changing families, it is as vital today that we find the way to prevent this horrible disease.  We can make a difference with our efforts.

We run for those who can’t, we run to raise awareness, we run to be part of Team GSF, we run to keep ourselves healthy and reach our personal goals.  Join us, either locally or virtually to raise money and awareness, be an All Terrain Hero in 2016.

2015 Season Released

quotescover-JPG-50All Terrain Hero is back for 2015!

Five locations – five dates – five days to have some fun.

We will be returning to our five favorite trails this year, please join us for some fun.  Between now and February 15th, you can take $5 off your registration – enter Discount code ATH15 at checkout.

Dates for 2015 are:

March 15 – Fredericksburg, Texas

April 5 – Moab, Utah

May 17 – Tucson, Arizona

August 23 – Cortez, Colorado

September 27 – Bridgeport, Texas

It’s going to be a great year, and remember, ALL proceeds benefit The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Season Complete

What a year this has been!!! Launched our inaugural season for All Terrain Hero on January 1 with a website rollout.  Now we have completed seven small events, each a financial success which helps us to support our charity partner, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.Thanks

Today we write another check to them for $2,825.22 to support their mission of education, research and the cure for SMA.  #nevergiveup

On Saturday, Gwendolyn and I will both celebrate our birthdays, albeit a number of years apart.  I am thankful that she gets to see another one.  Help us to end this tragic disease, donate in the off season.  While you are training, think of those who will never run and be grateful for your chance to.

I appreciate each competitor, runner, walker, racer.  Anyone who came together with us to hike a trail, to enjoy nature, to participate in any way.  Thank you,

Thank you for helping me to see that anything is possible, it just takes putting together the steps and following through.  A special thank you to my husband for supporting me in any crazy task I take on. Congrats to all of us for making it through our first year.  Donations topped $5,000 to thegsf.org

I wonder what we could do in a second year….hmmmm.

Progress to date

runningAll Terrain Hero started with a slow rumble, we are making progress, but it isn’t as big as I’d like it to be – YET!  As we continue our inaugural season, I am so pleased with the generosity of the people I know and love; and the ones I am just meeting.  We had our most successful event yet, based on number of participants in Fredericksburg, Texas last weekend.  Not sure what to attribute it too, except maybe they just love to run!  Thank you to all that have participated so far this year!

I am writing my first check this week to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, $2,616.80 in the first few events.  Thank you to all, we are making a difference!  #NeverGiveUp #theGSF #AllTerrainHero #lovemylife

Photos are up from the Fredericksburg event, on the Facebook page, thanks to Josh England from Rise Above Photography for making these happen.


First event is this Sunday!

So, I’m in that scared, nervous state.  Everything we’ve worked towards is about to come to fruition, whether I’m ready or not.  I’ve got all the mechanics down, everything that needed to be ordered is here and ready…or will be – the banner, the flags, the t-shirts, the race bibs and pins.  Logistics I’ve got mastered, we do that every day.  We are travelling from an event done last weekend in Georgia to Tucson, as I write this.  I’ve seen the basic course and know the distance to be at least a 5k.  There are two loops I can add in easily, I just need to look at them again and make the final decision.  I haven’t looked at the weather, don’t really want to know.  I can’t fix it anyway.  I anticipate a few sleepless nights this week, not for fear of failure…for failure only happens if you quit, but for fear of the unknown.  I know exactly what we are doing, I’m just nervous about the people…will we have one or a hundred?  I’m hoping it blows me out of the water, and I am prepared for that, what we are doing is a good thing.  Supporting the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is one of those things I believe in with all my core.  I look forward to the “season” officially starting, can’t wait to meet new people.  But whether there is one or one hundred, we promise to give you our best, for you must give and appreciate to grow and reciprocate!  Be a Hero, join us this Sunday in Tucson!

2014 Season Revealed

The 2014 inaugural season of All Terrain Hero Race.Run.Walk includes the following locations and dates:

  • Tucson, Arizona   Sunday, April 6, 2014  MC Motorsports Park
  • Moab, Utah             Easter Sunday, April 21, 2014  Area BFE
  • Birmingham, Alabama  Sunday, May 18, 2014  Gray Rock ORV Park
  • Fredericksburg, Texas  Sunday, June 1, 2014  Canyons Offroad Park
  • Sturgis, Kentucky  Sunday, June 8, 2014 Baird Motorsports Arena
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado  Sunday, June 16, 2014  RAM Offroad Park
  • Cortez, Colorado  Sunday, August 17, 2014  Battlerock Offroad Park
  • Bridgeport, Texas  Sunday, September 28, 2014  Northwest OHV Park