Progress to date

runningAll Terrain Hero started with a slow rumble, we are making progress, but it isn’t as big as I’d like it to be – YET!  As we continue our inaugural season, I am so pleased with the generosity of the people I know and love; and the ones I am just meeting.  We had our most successful event yet, based on number of participants in Fredericksburg, Texas last weekend.  Not sure what to attribute it too, except maybe they just love to run!  Thank you to all that have participated so far this year!

I am writing my first check this week to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, $2,616.80 in the first few events.  Thank you to all, we are making a difference!  #NeverGiveUp #theGSF #AllTerrainHero #lovemylife

Photos are up from the Fredericksburg event, on the Facebook page, thanks to Josh England from Rise Above Photography for making these happen.