Season Complete

What a year this has been!!! Launched our inaugural season for All Terrain Hero on January 1 with a website rollout.  Now we have completed seven small events, each a financial success which helps us to support our charity partner, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.Thanks

Today we write another check to them for $2,825.22 to support their mission of education, research and the cure for SMA.  #nevergiveup

On Saturday, Gwendolyn and I will both celebrate our birthdays, albeit a number of years apart.  I am thankful that she gets to see another one.  Help us to end this tragic disease, donate in the off season.  While you are training, think of those who will never run and be grateful for your chance to.

I appreciate each competitor, runner, walker, racer.  Anyone who came together with us to hike a trail, to enjoy nature, to participate in any way.  Thank you,

Thank you for helping me to see that anything is possible, it just takes putting together the steps and following through.  A special thank you to my husband for supporting me in any crazy task I take on. Congrats to all of us for making it through our first year.  Donations topped $5,000 to

I wonder what we could do in a second year….hmmmm.